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🎁 10 Fabulous Gift Ideas For Electroforming Artists

electroforming gift

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is finally back! Have you considered getting electroforming gifts this year? Whether you’re a new electroformer or a more advanced artist, getting some supplies for creating or for your business could be a good idea. Read on to discover my 10 gift ideas and get some inspiration for your Christmas shopping. 

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1. Crystals

Who doesn’t like getting shiny rocks? I think crystals are on every electroforming artist’s Christmas list!  I know it might be a little bit weird to ask for crystals that you are not going to keep, but it’s always a good idea to get more gemstones in my opinion. The more crystals you get, the more design ideas you will have. And let’s not forget that unpacking crystals is always a pleasure. 

If you don’t want to get crystals for jewelry making, you could still get some new ones for your own personal collection. In fact, it’s even better!

 ➸ Buy crystals on Etsy

2. Rotary tool

Have you been hand polishing all your creations? If you’re tired of doing all the work, you might want to consider getting a rotary tool. In fact, a rotary tool is a must-have if you create a large number of electroformed objects each month.

Not only will it make your jewelry shine, but it can also be used to sand or polish your jewelry. I love using mine when my pieces get some unwanted texture on them. 

The Dremel is probably the most popular of all rotary tools, and it is well known for being really performant. The tool kit includes all sorts of handy accessories that you can use for your DIY and crafting projects. What I like the most about getting a rotary tool is that it can be used for many things, not only electroforming. So if you’re really into DIY, a rotary tool is the perfect gift for you!

➸ Buy rotary tool on Amazon

dremel electroforming gift

3. Electroforming book

If you’re new to electroforming, getting a book on the subject could really help you get started. I recently released my first ebook on the topic. It’s called ‘How To Copper Electroform Jewelry’, and it’s the perfect guide for beginners. With this ebook, you’ll learn step by step how to easily create beautiful pieces of copper electroformed jewelry.

From what supplies you need to tips for cleaning your bath, you’ll get all the knowledge necessary to successfully plate your first creations. Additionally, the book includes over 30 pics of the process and electroformed jewelry designs for inspiration! It’s literally the most useful electroforming gift you could get this year.

➸ Buy electroforming book on my website

how to copper electroform jewelry ebook

4. Power supply

 Without  rectifier, there’s no electroforming. No wonder why I added it to this electroforming gift guide. If you’re a beginner, you could get the Eventek DC power supply (the same I use). I have a tutorial on my youtube channel on how to set it up, so that would make your life much easier. 

Whatever rectifier you decide to get, just make sure it is a DC power supply. This is what you need for electroforming. 

➸ Buy power supply on Amazon

eventek power supply 30V 5A

5. Alcohol ink

This one is a good electroforming gift idea for more advanced artists. If you want to give your creations some colors, you can use alcohol ink. These inks usually come in vibrant colors and can help you achieve beautiful effects on your jewelry. 

In fact, alcohol ink can be used for all sorts of projects including resin, painting, or even dish making. 

The patina inks from Vintaj have been specially formulated to adhere to metal and can be used to create beautiful and permanent patina effects on your creations. 

➸ Buy alcohol ink on Amazon

vintaj patina

6. Electroforming kit

If you don’t want to bother getting all the supplies you need individually, you can purchase an electroforming kit. In fact, I think it’s a great electroforming gift! These kits usually include everything you need to get started. Most kits contain at least electroforming solution, a beaker, copper wire, copper brightener, graphite conductive paint, and gloves. Some even come with a power supply. 

Because they contain hazardous chemicals these kits cannot be shipped abroad. This means you can only buy a kit in your own country. If you’re in the USA, I definitely recommend the electroforming kit from Enchanted Leaves. It contains all the necessary supplies for beginners, and also includes a manual that teaches you how to use everything that’s in the kit. 

➸ Buy electroforming kit on Etsy

7. Ring sizing tool

The perfect electroforming gift for makers on a budget! If you would like to start making electroformed rings, you definitely need to get yourself a ring sizing tool and a mandrel. These tools are essential to help you figure out the size of the rings you’ll be making. You can find super affordable kits on Amazon. 

These tools can be used by both beginners and more advanced electroformers. If you go for a full kit, it’ll usually include a mandrel, a ring sizing tool, and finger sizer measuring rings. 

➸ Buy ring sizing tool on Amazon

ring sizing tool electroforming gift

8. Custom jewelry boxes

Custom jewelry boxes are vital packaging pieces that serve a practical purpose and present an opportunity to communicate to your customers the essence of your store, your brand, your service, and most importantly, your elegant pieces of jewelry. In short, they are quite important in your marketing and branding strategy. 

I’m actually getting these for Christmas because I think it’s good to invest in your business and brand. There are several shops on Etsy that offer this service. Most of the time you can choose the color of the box, and the color of your logo.

➸ Buy custom jewelry boxes on Etsy

9. Business cards

Just like the personalized boxes, business cards are a must-have for small handmade shops. In fact, it’s the first thing you should get when you start selling jewelry. Business cards serve the key purpose of marketing your brand by getting your key contact information to your customer. I personally add my business card to every order I ship. Some say that business cards just get thrown away, so if this is your opinion on the matter, why not get stickers with your logo instead?

➸ Buy business cards on Etsy

10. Electroformed jewelry

Well, it’s not because you make electroformed jewelry yourself that you can’t support your fellow artists. There are many electroformers out there, and some are extremely talented. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to support small businesses, especially during the holidays. Just go on Etsy and you’ll find hundreds of beautiful pieces of copper electroformed jewelry, waiting to be adopted. Do you want to see what I do? Check out my jewelry on Crafty Explorer. 

➸ Buy electroformed jewelry on Etsy

★ Bonus: Free Etsy listings

Well, this one is not really something you can buy, but more something I am offering you! If you’ve decided to start electroforming jewelry, I’m guessing you will be selling your items soon. The best way to start is to get an Etsy shop. It’s the most popular platform for selling handmade items, and buyers trust the platform.

Setting up an Etsy shop is quite easy and straightforward, which is why I recommend starting there, especially if you’ve never sold anything online before. To help you get started, I’m offering you 40 free listings when you create your Etsy shop. Enjoy!

Bottom line

It’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping. Whether you’re a new electroformer or a more advanced artist, getting supplies for your art is always a good idea! You can use the holidays as an opportunity to start your new electroformed jewelry business and get all the necessary supplies. If you’re already in the game, you could get some personalized jewelry boxes and beautiful business cards for your shop. Are you going to ask for electroforming gifts this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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