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How To Package Electroformed Jewelry Orders

how to package electroformed jewelry

When you start an electroformed jewelry business, finding a reliable way to get your products to your customers is essential. The way you package your jewelry is a lot more important than you might think. Just like your product, it represents your brand. So, before you start your electroforming business, read on to find out how to package electroformed jewelry orders the right way.

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How I package my electroformed jewelry

First, I’m going to show you how I package my orders. I’m not saying it’s the best way to do it, but I think you could get some inspiration from it. Obviously, it’s best if you find your own way of doing it, because it should represent your brand. My packaging is pretty simple, but most of my customers have complimented it.

To package my jewelry I use:

  • Black jewelry box
  • Artificial moss
  • Lavender
  • Jute rope

So here is what I do:

1. I take my artificial moss and place it inside my jewelry box. It adds a little bit of padding and will be used to keep my necklace from moving too much inside the box.

moss inside electroformed jewelry package

2. I’m from the South of France, so I like to add some freshly picked lavender to my box. I like the fact that when my customers open the box, it smells good! I think it’s important for the customer’s experience.

package electroformed jewelry

3. On the next step, I place the pendant inside the box. I try to place it kind of inside the moss.

jewelry box with moss, lavender and pendant

4. Next, I add a thank you note and care instructions to my package. I have simply printed them. I roll them and attach them with jump rings. Then, I place them inside the box next to my pendant.

jewelry box with moss and notes

5. I close my box and attach it with a jute rope. I make a simple knot.

package electroformed jewelry box

6. Finally, I add my business card to the package and place everything in an envelope.

final packing with business card

The way I pack my jewelry is pretty simple and, to be honest, the packaging doesn’t cost me much. What I like about my packaging is that my jewelry is safely packed, and I add a bit of mystery with the rolled papers – it makes my customers feel like they’re on a treasure hunt when they open their order.

Below is a video of how I package my electroformed jewelry orders. 

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Packaging ideas for electroformed jewelry

There are a lot of different ways to package jewelry though. The good thing about electroformed jewelry is that it is pretty sturdy, but you should still package it well. Also, if you use crystals in your jewelry, remember that they are quite fragile.

I think jewelry boxes are the best way to pack your jewelry. Especially if you’re shipping abroad. I use hard cardboard boxes, but you can also use soft cardboard boxes that you fold yourself. Remember, your boxes must be big enough to contain the jewelry you make. So if you make big statement pieces, make sure your boxes are at the right size.

Before you buy your jewelry boxes, don’t forget to check what is the maximal thickness allowed for mailing at the price of letters. Otherwise, your jewelry will be sent as a parcel, which is a lot more expensive. But if it doesn’t bother you, then you can choose any box.

Brown cardboard boxes: These boxes even have cotton padding. These look just like mine. I think they are your best option.

➸ Buy brown cardboard boxes on Amazon

Gift box set: These faux-leather boxes are so cute! I think they’d look great for a jewelry brand. They will definitely make an impression.

➸ Buy faux-leather boxes on Amazon

Recycled boxes: Recycled and eco-packaging are very trendy these days. If this is something that you like you can buy recyclable boxes like these ones.

➸ Buy recyclable boxes on Amazon

Craft tissue paper: I have considered several times adding craft tissue paper to my packaging. I think it adds some color and it could look pretty good with a brand’s colors. You could use it to pack your jewelry box before adding the jute rope or you could wrap the paper directly around your jewelry, and then add a thank you sticker.

➸ Buy craft tissue paper on Amazon

➸ Buy thank you stickers on Amazon

Ribbon: I think jute rope gives an authentic look to my packaging, but if you don’t like it you can use curling ribbons also. If you want to add a little something, you can also add gift tag labels!

➸ Buy jute rope on Amazon

➸ Buy gift tag labels on Amazon

➸ Buy curling ribbon on Amazon

Fillers: I add artificial moss and lavender inside my boxes, but maybe you can add some flower petals or paper shred fillers inside yours. I think having a beautiful ‘bedding’ for your jewelry is very important.

➸ Buy artificial moss on Amazon

➸ Buy paper shred fillers on Amazon

Display cards: If you ship a lot of earrings, you might want to get display cards. That will definitely be better than just putting your earrings straight in the box.

➸ Buy earring cards on Amazon

Drawstring bags: Do you add little gifts to your packages? Then, you can pack them in dawnstring bags! It’s cute and cheap.

➸ Buy drawstring bags on Amazon

Thank you cards: Don’t forget to thank your customer for their purchase. You can add thank you cards and write a personal message at the back for example.

➸ Buy thank you cards on Amazon

Envelopes: If you ship in envelopes, you might also consider buying pretty envelopes. I bought beautiful envelopes a while back, I love them because I’m pretty sure when my customers receive them, they know it’s from me!

➸ Buy envelopes on Amazon

5 tips for packing and shipping your electroformed jewelry

Here are just a few tips for packing and shipping your electroformed jewelry: 

1. Don’t forget to add care instructions and a thank you note

I always add care instructions and a thank you note to my packages. I think it’s important to let the customer know that you are grateful for their purchase and how they can look after their piece of jewelry. In my care instructions, I mention that the jewelry shouldn’t get wet and that they can keep it shiny with a soft cloth and some wax.

2. Invest in your packaging

Like I said, your packaging is important because it represents your brand. So, I think you should invest at least a little bit in your packaging. Make sure you use good quality packaging. You want it to be pretty and safe for your jewelry. The one thing you don’t want is your package opening up during travel.

3. Brand your packing

You want your customers to remember you, so make sure you are branding your packaging. Ideally, you could have your brand name written on your boxes. But if you can’t afford it right now, make sure you have at least business cards with your contact info such as the name of your website and your social media handles. It will be easier for your customers to find you again.

4. Don’t make it obvious what you’re shipping

Nobody should know what you are shipping. If you put anything referring to jewelry on the front of your package, you’re risking that someone will steal it. Even if it’s not expensive jewelry. And we all know the amount of work that goes into a piece of copper electroformed jewelry, so the last thing we want is to see it being stolen. So, do not put stickers or anything mentioning jewelry on the front of your package.

5. Track your package

Tracking your package is essential. You’ll be able to see where your jewelry is and see when it arrives. If there’s a problem, you can contact the carrier. It will be easier for the company to find your package because it’s been tracked. I always ship my packages with a tracking number. It’s a little bit more expensive but it’s safer.

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Bottom line

Finding the right way to package your electroformed jewelry is very important for your business. It shows your customers that you pay attention to details, and want them to have a great experience when they open their order.

I think the best way to package your electroformed jewelry is in jewelry boxes. This way, your jewelry will have fewer risks of being damaged during travel. Then, you can pack the box with craft tissue paper or simply add a thank you note and your business card. Every detail counts.

How do you pack your electroformed jewelry? Let me know in the comments below!

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